Greetings from Uganda!

It’s 7:30 AM as I watch the sunrise over Lake Victoria, feeling the hope and inspiration of God‘s grace for this small fellowship and what they can become for His glory.

Yesterday was incredibly full—one session after another. We presented the following teachings:

• The gospel of the kingdom,
• The kingdom as the power of the Spirit instituted through the church,
• Repentance as dethroning the false king of self,
• And the baptism of the Spirit as the medium through which the King reigns.

Over seven hours, God gave us the grace to make the vision plain. We answered countless questions, ranging from free grace to “demonology” and eschatology. Some in attendance included leaders from neighboring churches, such as Brother Bennett, a dear man whose heart is being knit together with this work.

After our long day of sessions, Kash met with five baptismal candidates—individuals who have been walking faithfully with Emmanuel for some time now and are approaching water baptism in Jesus’ name.

Today, we anticipate baptizing five new members, performing marriage reconsecration for a handful of couples, and continuing to teach the word, bringing the whole message of this whole life in Christ!

Thank you for your continued prayers. We feel sustained and uplifted by your love and spiritual support!

With much love,

Asi, with the whole team!

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