Category: The Walk

Autumn is always a welcome change here. Black walnut trees turn the same sunshiny hue as the goldenrod flowers, while the rest of the landscape shifts from summer green into more colorful tones. As much as we love the productivity and abundance of the summer months, the cool mornings and colorful leaves arrive like favorite old friends.
As 2020 began and COVID-19 interrupted the lives of many around us, the Lord urged us to change our way of thinking and respond to the guidance of our hearts. And, in part, that guidance involved raising more crops. So we began to prepare the ground to plant.
Kia ora, greetings from New Zealand! We have been very busy these last few months even though so much of the world has stalled because of COVID- 19. It is probably best to go back several months to get a grasp of what has happened here since the beginning of this year.
As with our other communities around the world, the past six months have offered an opportunity to hunker down. Staying close to home has some advantages. Chief among them is attending to activities that might otherwise get pushed into the future. So things have been busy!