Autumn Splendor Inspires Outdoor Activities

An Update from Mexico

What beautiful autumn afternoons we have enjoyed these past few weeks! The weather has been so nice to do everything outdoors. Just about every day we take a walk and enjoy the landscape with the falling leaves. Some of the young sisters and girls have gotten together for different activities, including bread making and sewing classes to learn to make aprons, purses and skirts. In the evenings, our families often enjoy visiting out on the patio, watching the children jump rope and play together.

Crops and Livestock 

The good weather has also helped us be able to continue in our gardening. In one of the garden areas we planted beans, squash and sugar cane. It is such a great feeling to see them growing; knowing that harvest time is coming soon makes us even happier! We look at the gardens and the sheep grazing nearby and feel the privilege of living in a place like this—so different from living in the city. 

A couple of weeks ago, Brother Oscar’s family saw their ewe giving birth to her lamb. The faces of the children lit up as they experienced something completely new! 

Bernal Visit 

On October 17, Brother Eder’s family traveled to Bernal to visit Brother Bernardo and Sister Elsa. They were there for five days and during that time looked for possible properties to rent or buy, suitable for businesses and homes. As was mentioned in the previous newsletter, our community believes that Bernal provides a beneficial location for us. We feel that God is opening more doors to help our community members relocate there. 

Activities shared while visiting in Bernal included cheese making, gardening and spending time together.

Klingensmith, Lozano Wedding 

On November 1, Brother Bernardo and Sister Elsa Badillo, Brother Eder and Sister Sara Badillo, and Brother Jaime Lozano traveled to Waco for the wedding of Nathaniel Klingensmith and Ary Lozano. 

The Texas community also welcomed Sister Ary’s mother, Isabel Perez, of Monterrey. It was her first time to travel to the United States. The community enjoyed a couple of days with her as she toured the craft village, met her daughter’s friends in Texas and experienced the beautiful wedding ceremony. Comfortable weather blessed an outdoor reception for friends and family. The handmade furniture, quilt and pottery crafted especially for the couple were also available for viewing. 

Carreon Birth

On November 3 at about 1:00 AM, we received some wonderful news: Brother Mario and Sister Denisse Carreon had a baby girl! Mariana Hope weighed just over 8 pounds and measured 22 1/2 inches. (See also the family photographs on page 4.)