Author: Shahar Yarden


Today, we are flying back to Hungary after a week in Sweden and Finland. In Sweden, we visited longtime friends, individuals who used to spend part of their time in Waco. We feel a very close bond with them. We also had a pleasant visit with a family, friends of Brother Yosef from the Netherlands. In Finland, we stayed with our hosts, with whom we prayed, worshiped, shared the Word, and broke bread together. We experienced tangibly throughout the weekend the reality of “wherever two or more are gathered in My Name, there I will be.” We were all encouraged.

Three different believing families visited us, interested in community life. Each family brought their unique stories and aspirations for a shared life, including the joys and challenges of raising children in such an environment. One family, living on a small farm and focusing on homeschooling, shared openly about their personal struggles, highlighting the complexities of marital life. A special effort was made to meet for further conversation, which led to a heartfelt exchange of encouragement and prayer. This emerging relationship, marked by sincerity and potential for growth, is something we anticipate will flourish.

Please keep our hosts and the new connections we’ve made in your prayers. Your support means the world to us.

Much love to everyone,

Shahar Yarden