A Year of Redirected Accomplishments

An Update from Mexico

As 2020 began and COVID-19 interrupted the lives of many around us, the Lord urged us to respond in many ways, one of which was raising more crops. So we began to prepare the ground to plant. 

In some places, the task seemed impossible. It required a lot of work in ground that was not very cooperative! We dug, pulled weeds, removed rocks and added soil just to reach a point where we could plant. We were very tired during those days, but we felt so encouraged at the same time. 

Reaping the Fruits of Our Labor 

The process of growing our food taught us in every aspect, from the soil to the seeds. As we gathered the harvest from our gardens, we realized that our personal relationships were bearing fruit also. We sensed a growth and maturity in our community. It was as if we had been walking in a rut and suddenly found ourselves in the open, dazzled by what we had not been seeing.

Taking Time to Relax a Little 

We also had a lot of fun, and sometimes that included a swim in the pond after a hot day working together. Fishing was another popular activity. 

Celebrating an Engagement 

On May 22, Brother Nathaniel Klingensmith from the community in Waco, Texas, and Ary Lozano became engaged to marry. Our joy for the engaged couple is overflowing, and we eagerly look forward to the wedding. 

Maintaining a Rental Property 

Some months ago, Brother Oscar Saucedo felt to leave Monterrey. He began to visit some properties in Cadereyta looking for a place to live. Among these was a rental property with a large piece of land (about 35 acres), an inviting lake, a pond and very good ground for gardening. We all agreed that the property was very desirable, but the rent was too high. So Brother Oscar’s family found another place to live, and they moved out of Monterrey. 

Then one day, the landlord of the property in which Brother Oscar had been interested called. He was looking for a family to live on the property and maintain it. Would Brother Oscar be willing to serve as land overseer? Indeed yes! 

This month we have been working on the property, sprucing up the residence as well as performing other renovations.  

Welcoming the Newborns 

On June 22, Brother Enrique Badillo Cepeda’s family welcomed a new daughter, Rebekah. She weighed 8.3 pounds and measured 20 1/2 inches. (See also page 5.) 

On July 22, Brother Eric and Sister Blanca Hipólito were blessed with their fourth child, Blanca Faith. She weighed 7.9 pounds and measured 20 1/2 inches.

Beginning an Exodus to Bernal 

In October of last year, Brother Éder, together with brothers from the Waco community—Adolfo Anzaldua, Benjamin Neikirk and Caleb Gonzalez—visited some other states in Mexico, including Mérida, Yucatán and Querétaro. In Querétaro, in a town called Bernal, they stopped to buy some chocolates. (They had never heard of the village before nor visited it.) In the plaza, they met the Héctor Castillo family. To make a long story short, a close relationship has developed between Brother Héctor and our community. We feel that Bernal itself provides a location that will benefit our entire community. 

At the beginning of July this year, Brother Éder and Brother Bernardo and his wife Sister Elsa made a trip to Bernal. They visited Brother Héctor’s family and were joined a couple of days later by Brother Adolfo and Sister Letty and Brother Caleb and Sister Ana from Texas. 

While they were there, they looked at some properties and houses. On August 28, Brother Bernardo Badillo’s family moved to Bernal, the first of our community members to relocate there. Brother Héctor and his family graciously prepared a house to receive them. 

Exceeding Expectations 

In summary, these last months have been full of blessings, successes and changes that we could not have imagined given the circumstances when 2020 got underway. What we felt at the beginning of the year has been coming to pass and has even exceeded our expectations. We look forward to the rest of the year and whatever comes next!

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