Day: March 1, 2024


Brother Kash, Brother Teb, and I arrived in Coimbatore, India on Tuesday afternoon to spend time with our brothers and sisters here. We arrived just in time to join them for their midweek meeting. Right away, we felt a spiritual connection that superseded the newness of our relationship. The Holy Ghost was present all night, and we felt edification and encouragement flowing in all directions. After the meeting, we all shared a meal, which further helped to strengthen our bond of fellowship.

Last night, we again met with the group for a time of sharing. We opened it up for questions and discussion. This also proved to be a very edifying and spirit-filled time. 

Today, we had a meeting with Brother Titus, Muthu, Gerry, and their wives, along with two pastors from an independent spirit-filled church named Solomon and Isaac. These brothers have been visiting and connecting with our group, and they feel that God is leading them to merge with us. The meeting today focused on answering questions and discussing the next steps toward becoming one church.

We spent several hours before and after lunch sharing our hearts with one another, asking and answering questions, and feeling the Lord knitting our hearts together. Each of these brothers and sisters are incredibly humble and gentle, and their unwavering faith is truly inspiring. Their transparency and eagerness are both humbling and convicting.  

Tomorrow, at Brother Solomon’s request, we will host a morning meeting with about 45 couples. This will include all the members of our community as well as 30 couples from his congregation. He asked us to meet and have a meeting with these couples first and then minister in their Sunday morning meeting the following day.  

God is moving in this place, and the potential for what He can do here is palpable. We are filled with hope and anticipation for the future of our mission work in India!

Thank you for all your prayers! Please continue to pray for us to have the anointing of grace and wisdom for these upcoming meetings.

With love from India,